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How does the Program save you money?

Residential energy consumption (your utility bill)
is broadly made up of four components:
lights and appliances (about 15% of the bill);
hot water (about 10% of the bill);
heating (about 25% of the bill);
cooling (about 50% of the bill).
A home in Pensacola requires heating for 3-4 months,
cooling for 6-7 months, and base loads for 2-3 months.
That home has an annual utility bill of $2800.
Our RESARB installation will save you 40%
on the air conditioning component of your bill:
40% of 50% of $2800 = $560 per year
for a four year payback on your $2000 installation.

How does the Program make you money?

RESARB offers the option of a Four Tier Referral Program.
The referral fees paid under this program are as follows:

Referral Tiers      and       Referral Fees
Level 1 Referral (L1 direct referral);   20% of purchase price
Level 2 Referral (L2 referred by L1);   5% of purchase price
Level 3 Referral (L3 referred by L2);   3% of purchase price
Level 4 Referral (L4 referred by L3);   2% of purchase price

As soon as you have referred 5 buyers to the program,
your purchase has paid for itself!
After that, each referral by you directly
or by any of the buyers four tiers below you,
makes you money!!

For a sample calculation of potential tier development click

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